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WatchWare Watch Collector Ver 5 includes many enhancements from Ver 4.

WatchWare Watch Collector will help you manage your entire horological collection. Whether you collect pocket watches, wristwatches, horological tools, or any combination of horilogical items, this program will make it easy and fun to manage your collection. It can help you determine what other watches you need for your collection as well as help you sell items from your collection. Watch Collector is a comprehensive program designed to assist you with data entry. You don't need to be an expert to be able to describe your watch professionally. There are multiple drop down fields that contain helpful information to guide you with entering accurate information.

There arenumerous reports to let you maintain hardcopy records of your collection. These reports will make it fun to review your collection without having to take the watches out of the safe.

Whether you are a new collector or an old time collector, this program will add functionality, usability, and security for your collection.

Once and for all, throw away those handwritten lists or spreadsheets of which watches you have purchased over the years … just print out a report from WatchWare and you will have an instant up to date list of your entire collection! WatchWare can be used to track collections both big and small. It provides space to record watches, literature, tools, etc.

WatchWare contains a complete, updateable database of manufactures, sizes, movement types, etc. By selecting from a drop down list of choices, your entry time is decreased significantly.

Lots of reports are included. Print a list of all your watches with or without pictures. Print an insurance report to show the value and contents of your collection. Print a summary to show what you've spent on your collection (some of you may want to skip this one) and what it's worth today!

WatchWare was designed exclusively for the watch collector. It is not just a make-it-work add-in to a collection program. We started from the ground up, breaking the mold of other collection software – you'll notice the difference.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • Drop down lists speed data entry
  • Lots of assistance for understanding how to properly describe a watch
  • Description calculators for the movement, dial and case
  • Track your costs, know your value
  • Perfect for insurance purposes
  • Browse your collection without taking them from the safe
  • Numerous printouts
  • Print Watch or Movement Tags for all or selected watches
  • Separate collection tracking for pocket watches, wristwatches, and movements
  • Import any previous version watch data.
  • More......(download user manual)
  • Installation Instructions
  • Screen Shots
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